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Formed Companies Owner Soldiers
52nd New York Company A Paul Frank 100
1st Massachusetts Company A William Murray 100
20th New York Company E Max Weber 100
1st Minnesota Company C Hayes 100
79th New York Company A Nathaniel Cameron 99
69th New York Company A James Cavanagh 99
6th New York Company K T. Parker 99
1st New Jersey Company A Roy Reyes 98
51st New York Company A Ven0m 98
9th New York Company B Henry Emerson 84
19th Indiana Company A James Roberts 61
8th Connecticut Company A Kevin 60
9th New York Company A Henry Emerson 59
2nd Maryland Company B Frank W. Wood 53
1st Delaware Company A Nathaniel 46
20th Maine Company A Jacob Craig Armstrong 44
52nd New York Company B Paul Frank 44
Clark's Battery E Vlad 41
4th Pennsylvania Cavalry A Parker 39
28th Massachusetts Company E Henry Emerson 38
2nd U.S. Regulars Company F Eddie 38
28th Massachusetts Company F Maethor Twinsuns 36
88th New York Company A James Wesley Jr. 35
1st Michigan Company A William Nickleson 34
17th Michigan Company C Admrial 33
69th New York Company C James Wesley 27
53rd Pennsylvania Company A John "Hazard' Wick 25
69th Pennsylvania Company K Will McNamara 21
1st U.S Sharpshooters Company F Dane Karlsen 21
Hexamer's Battery A William Hexamer 20
28th Ohio Company A Gottfried Becker 20
Gibson's Battery C VonKaienburg 20
72nd Pennsylvania Company A King Bobby B 19
Simmonds' Battery A Turnlings 18
13th Pennsylvania Reserves Company F John Lewis 18
1st U.S Sharpshooters Company D Michael D. McPheeters 17
17th Michigan Company E Dylan 17
19th Indiana Company B Joker 16
Rigby's Battery 10 Chase Futrell 15
84th New York Company D Pastor 14
79th New York Company B Memes 13
1st Maine Company M SilverStaples 13
Campbell's Battery B James Stewart 13
53rd Pennsylvania Company B George W. Hazard 13
2nd U.S Sharpshooters Company F Robert Gregg 13
1st U.S Sharpshooters Company K Len mosby 12
9th Massachusetts Company B Steven McRae 12
1st U.S Sharpshooters Company G Mads Støjko Larsen 10
2nd U.S Sharpshooters Company C Jack Wynne 10
1st U.S. Regulars Company I Charles William Alexander Lawrie 10
13th Massachusetts Company A Samuel H. Leonard 9
Wever's Battery A Paul Frank 9
1st New York Company E Paul Frank 8
69th Pennsylvania Company A Ninja 7

Mustering Companies Owner Soldiers
11th U.S. Regulars 1st Btln. Co. B Sucre Gao 8
6th Pennsylvania Cavalry A David 6
11th U.S. Regulars 1st Btln. Co. A Nillers 5
69th Pennsylvania Company D Austin L'Heureux 5
Reynolds' Battery L O’Donnell 5
7th Michigan Company C Austin Bills 3
C. P. Muhlenberg's Battery A Toaster 3
Cooper's Battery B Ben Tindall 2
Wolcott's Battery A Wilbert Fletcher 2
123rd Pennsylvania Company A Theodore B. Danson 2
Saunders' Sharpshooters F Jay 1
Hain's Battery M Anthony York 1
21st Massachusetts Company F Jon Webster 1
53rd Pennsylvania Company D George W. Hazard 1
10th New York Company A Nathan Weinberger 1
7th Maine Company A Jors 1
8th New York Company A Jonathan Grant 1
39th New York Company A Erik 1
1st New Jersey Company C Steve Rogers 1
122nd New York Company A BotMaximus 1
14th U.S. Regulars 1st Btln. Co. A Courage Alires Gallegos 1
2nd U.S Sharpshooters Company A Louis 1
2nd U.S Sharpshooters Company B pacmannerd 1
Stuart's Battery A Zachary Stewart 1
12th New York Company C James Prescott 1
9th Massachusetts Company A Bigweld 1
63rd New York Company A Thomas O'Neill 1
97th New York Company B Buck Hogan 1
2nd Wisconsin Company A Padraig Mulcahey 1
2nd U.S. Regulars Company A Erik Robertson 1
14th U.S. Regulars 1st Btln. Co. A Alpha 1