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Formed Companies Owner Soldiers
79th New York Company A Nathaniel Cameron 100
52nd New York Company A Paul Frank 100
2nd U.S Sharpshooters Company A Francis Peteler 100
1st New Jersey Company A Szalai Mihaly 100
1st Massachusetts Company A William Murray 100
20th New York Company E Max Weber 100
69th New York Company A James Cavanagh 98
2nd U.S Sharpshooters Company E Stalin 98
4th New Jersey Company A Dan Hagman 98
7th Ohio Company A Aaron King 97
1st Maine Company G SilverStaples 96
1st Minnesota Company B Thialvar Mikkelsson 95
1st Maine Company A SilverStaples 95
32nd Massachusetts Company A gurudennis 93
3rd U.S. Regulars Company B Everett Brewer 93
4th New Jersey Company B Dan Hagman 92
1st New Jersey Company B Steve Kotter 89
7th Wisconsin Company D Robert Rogers III 85
39th New York Company A Davide Campi 80
1st Massachusetts Company B William Murray 73
9th New York Company C Tyler Dicembrino 71
23rd New York Company A Christopher Deckhart 70
7th Wisconsin Company K Pointless 67
4th New Jersey Company C Dan Hagman 61
2nd U.S Sharpshooters Company H Scott Winn 60
9th New York Company A Henry Emerson 57
65th Illinois Company I Henry G. Meacham 50
23rd New York Company G Christopher Deckhart 50
2nd New Jersey Company A Crazyize 49
1st U.S Sharpshooters Company I Z 49
20th New York Company A Max Weber 49
28th Massachusetts Company A Andrew P. Caraher 47
4th Rhode Island Company A Anthony P. Morgan 47
65th Illinois Company A Dog 46
9th New York Company B Henry Emerson 45
9th New York Company D Tyler Dicembrino 44
19th Indiana Company A James Roberts 41
13th Pennsylvania Reserves Company F Roy Stone 40
3rd Ohio Company C Anthony 40
7th West Virginia Company F Tim Degor 40
52nd New York Company B Paul Frank 40
11th U.S. Regulars 1st Btln. Co. B Sucre Gao 40
2nd Maryland Company B Frank W. Wood 39
51st Pennsylvania Company A Nicholas Calefati 39
1st Minnesota Company C Hayes 39
6th U.S. Regulars Company B Edric Murray 31
51st New York Company A Ven0m 31
Tidball's Battery G SupahZebra 28
6th New Hampshire Company A Porkyofthepine 27
6th Maine Company A Timo Janssen 26
62nd New York Company A Dingle 24
51st Pennsylvania Company B Nicholas Calefati 24
13th Pennsylvania Reserves Company E Alexander R. Kwatcher 22
20th Maine Company B Clink123 22
28th Massachusetts Company E Henry Emerson 22
20th Maine Company A Jacob Craig Armstrong 21
17th Michigan Company C Lee Ranck 21
1st Pennsylvania Reserves Company A George Bradford 21
Hexamer's Battery A William Hexamer 20
1st Michigan Company A William Nickleson 20
69th Pennsylvania Company E Honor 20
69th Pennsylvania Company K Will McNamara 19
39th New York Company F Mathias Smith 19
13th Massachusetts Company A Samuel H. Leonard 19
Pettit's Battery B Rufus D. Pettit 19
2nd U.S Sharpshooters Company G Scott Winn 19
69th New York Company B Fairas 18
69th New York Company C James Wesley 18
7th West Virginia Company A Theodore Clutchking 18
28th Ohio Company A Gottfried Becker 18
1st Massachusetts Company C William Murray 18
5th Ohio Company A Chris Medicus 18
3rd New Jersey Company A Thomas Raider 17
2nd MN Sharpshooters Company 2 Marc Johnson 17
1st U.S Sharpshooters Company D Michael D. McPheeters 16
Simpson's Battery A David 16
7th Maine Company A Bill Groom 16
1st Maine Company H SilverStaples 15
1st U.S Sharpshooters Company F Dane Karlsen 15
4th Pennsylvania Cavalry A Troy 15
2nd U.S. Regulars Company F Eddie 15
39th New York Company K Louis 15
79th New York Company B Memes 14
23rd Pennsylvania Company A Jim Hawkens 14
1st U.S Sharpshooters Company K Len mosby 14
6th Wisconsin Company A Clarke Edwards 14
Simmonds' Battery A Livington 14
Porter's Battery A William Murray 14
Independent Company Oneida Cavalry (NY) A Darksidesix 13
88th New York Company A Colman O'Reilly 13
Campbell's Battery B James Stewart 13
19th Indiana Company K Pointless 13
95th New York Company A Ross. C. Cutler 12
39th New York Company B Pietro Badoglio 12
13th New Jersey Company A Miguel de la Campa-Alvarodiaz 12
Dygert's Sharpshooters K Kortan 11
1st New York Battery B USHistoryCollector 11
Clark's Battery E Tyler Dicembrino 11
12th U.S. Regulars 2nd Btln. Co. G GEORGE G. MEADE 11
17th Michigan Company A Joshua Lind 11
1st U.S Sharpshooters Company G Mads Støjko Larsen 10
2nd Wisconsin Company B Robert Cross 10
126th New York Company A Connor Snedden 10
Wolcott's Battery A Dan Hagman 10
1st New York Battery L Don Johnson 10
McGilvery's Battery 6 Clink123 10
3rd Pennsylvania Reserves Company A David Campbell 10
Randol's Battery G Justin Williams 10
44th New York Company A William Miller 9
12th Pennsylvania Reserves Company K Robert Conway 9
1st Massachusetts Company F Brian Dennis 9
6th Wisconsin Company B Aurellius Porter 9

Mustering Companies Owner Soldiers
1st Minnesota Company E Silas Glazier 9
4th New Jersey Company D Tribb Basoon 8
72nd Pennsylvania Company A John Snyder 8
69th New York Company D Arvid Johansson 8
2nd Wisconsin Company K Charles Seiberlich 7
3rd New Jersey Company C Nicholas Nevate 7
15th Massachusetts Company A jesse 7
16th Maine Company E William Wheeler 6
35th Massachusetts Company A Fabian Hayes 6
30th Ohio Company A Thomas Hayes 5
11th U.S. Regulars 1st Btln. Co. A Nillers 5
1st U.S. Regulars Company I Charles William Alexander Lawrie 5
C. P. Muhlenberg's Battery A Frank Vogel 5
1st Pennsylvania Reserves Company D Jack McClain 5
69th New York Company K Ramirez 5
1st New York Battery G Comrade Skeletor 5
15th Massachusetts Company A Larry Wichita 4
13th Pennsylvania Reserves Company B Landon 4
49th New York Company A John Wolf 4
28th Massachusetts Company B Richard Byrnes 4
Tompkin's Battery A Henley 4
9th Vermont Company A Del Manuva 4
2nd Wisconsin Company E sam fish 4
2nd U.S Sharpshooters Company B Hiram Berdan 3
Langner's Battery C R. Langner 3
8th Michigan Company B Monkey 3
Frank's Battery G William Arthur Holland III 3
11th U.S. Regulars 1st Btln. Co. A SKS 3
2nd Wisconsin Company C Samuel J. McCord 2
83rd Pennsylvania Company D Nathan Johnson 2
4th U.S. Regulars Company B Abraham Chesterfield 2
84th New York Company F Julien A-F 2
69th Pennsylvania Company D Austin L'Heureux 2
1st New York Company E Paul Frank 2
E. Thomas' Battery A Henry Wilson 2
14th New York Company B Zach Stewart 2
11th U.S. Regulars 1st Btln. Co. A James Beckett 2
1st Minnesota Company K Jordan 2
69th New York Company I Beno 2
16th Michigan Company C Jerome 2
10th Massachusetts Company D Henry Walker 2
1st Pennsylvania Reserves Company B Cj 2
1st Delaware Company B Yankee 2
1st U.S Sharpshooters Company A BabaYaga 2
35th Massachusetts Company B Patrick Harris 2
35th Massachusetts Company B Harry Paine 2
Simpson's Battery F Alexander Greer 1
19th Indiana Company E Elliott Johnson 1
Saunders' Sharpshooters F Jay 1
3rd Maryland Company A Joseph Smith 1
4th Rhode Island Company B Wilson 1
21st New York Company A Frances 1
16th Michigan Company C Clayton S. Carney 1
12th New York Company C James Prescott 1
5th Wisconsin Company E Peter Magnus 1
1st Maine Company M SilverStaples 1
Hain's Battery M Anthony York 1
53rd Pennsylvania Company C John Graham 1
32nd Ohio Company A allen williams 1
3rd U.S. Regulars Company H Michael Taylor 1
12th New York Company F Nick 1
1st Delaware Company A salvador 1
12th U.S. Regulars 1st Btln. Co. A Charles Lindenwald 1
Harrison's West Virginia Cavlary I Tyler Dicembrino 1
6th U.S. Regulars Company G Keith Mosby 1
20th Maine Company K Goodspeed 1
15th Massachusetts Company C Cynicalwayne 1
8th Michigan Company C Monkey 1
1st U.S Sharpshooters Company A Trip 1
8th Illinois Company B Cpt.grant 1
8th Illinois Company C Cpt.grant 1
1st Michigan Company B Kyle Gubbins 1
8th Illinois Company D Cpt.grant 1
8th Illinois Company F Cpt.grant 1
6th Pennsylvania Cavalry A Bush 1
2nd Wisconsin Company A ThePhantom86 1
1st U.S Sharpshooters Company A Sharpe 1
8th New York Company A Dale 1
9th New Hampshire Company A SpiritSoulFire 1
65th Illinois Company B Daddy Dog 1
8th Ohio Company A T. Larson 1
6th New York Company A Walt 1
11th Ohio Company K AVUS ALOVAS ALMYT 1
20th New York Company B Braedon Apple 1
7th West Virginia Company B William Grant 1
7th Massachusetts Company A David Russell 1
1st Pennsylvania Battery F Ezra Matthews 1
L. N. Robinson's Battery L Phoenix221 1
6th Wisconsin Company C Thomas Larson 1
7th Indiana Company B Bob 1
69th Pennsylvania Company A Cpt.grant 1
16th Maine Company I John Reed 1
27th Indiana Company A g 1
2nd U.S Sharpshooters Company F Liam Neeson 1
16th Michigan Company A SToneski 1
14th Indiana Company A David Mattox 1
11th Ohio Company B Robert McHenry Neville 1
9th Vermont Company A Grant 1
Cooper's Battery B Ben Tindall 1
69th Pennsylvania Company A Pepper 1
7th Maine Company I Richard Steel [UK] 1
Robinson's Battery 4 Riko Travis 1
McMullin's Battery 1 T. Larson 1
Gibson's Battery G Hermann Krädelein 1
15th Massachusetts Company A Hogan James 1
13th New York Company A darthcaesar1 1
Zouaves d'Afrique A Rex 1
26th New York Company A KBear44 1
1st U.S. Regulars Company B Richard Ribeiro 1
5th Wisconsin Company K General Ulysses S. Grant 1
28th Pennsylvania Company A BZawesome18 1
4th U.S. Regulars Company A Epic Wesley 1
2nd Wisconsin Company A Matthew Lyon 1
Ranson's Battery C John Buckley 1
71st Pennsylvania Company B Jacob Townsend 1
39th New York Company C Jack Sagart 1
Schambeck's Company Illinois Dragoons C Dog 1
20th Maine Company C William Aylett 0