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Formed Companies Owner Soldiers
Coppens (First Louisiana Zouaves) Battalion C Victor Minot 100
1st Texas Company F Walter P. Nix 99
8th Alabama Company G Daniel Greenberg 97
1st Georgia Company B William M. Meeks 96
20th Georgia Company B dark 93
6th Louisiana Company A Nicholas Paioletti 89
20th Georgia Company A dark 89
8th Florida Company A William Carney 87
6th Alabama Company H Antastadkiwi 87
6th Alabama Company K Jackan Renvall 86
6th Louisiana Company C Nicholas Paioletti 86
18th North Carolina Company A W.L.Lothar von Winkler 85
1st North Carolina Company A Gustave von Steinwehr 77
1st Texas Company B Mj Koenigsdorf 71
5th South Carolina Company B Nigel Walsh 70
1st Tennessee Company A Whiskey 70
6th Louisiana Company D Nicholas Paioletti 68
1st Georgia Company A William M. Meeks 66
Holcombe Legion A Jessie Sams 65
5th Florida Company B Daniel Carroll 61
1st Virginia Company C Kyutt 59
4th Texas Company I Drax 58
6th Louisiana Company F Nicholas Paioletti 58
Rowan's Battery D blackjack 58
5th South Carolina Company A Nigel Walsh 52
Holcombe Legion B Brooks 51
56th Virginia Company A Philip P. Slaughter 51
5th South Carolina Company D Nigel Walsh 49
14th Louisiana Company B Wypoor 48
1st Texas Company C Robb Merritt 47
Cobb's Legion A Famas 47
2nd Mississippi Battalion Company A G.K. Whitmore 46
6th South Carolina Company G Jacob Ryan Morgan 44
South Carolina 2nd South Carolina Rifles Company A Nigel Walsh 43
5th Virginia Company A Valid 43
21st North Carolina Company A Chris Vaesen 40
8th Florida Company C Andrew Jackson 40
6th South Carolina Company D Nigel Walsh 39
1st Tennessee Company B WHISKEY 39
5th North Carolina Company A Booch 38
5th Alabama Battalion Company A Kiwi 38
4th Texas Company A Django 37
6th Alabama Company I Thor Gundersen 36
1st North Carolina Company A Joseph O'Connell 36
South Carolina 2nd South Carolina Rifles Company B Nigel Walsh 35
Coke's Battery A Danish 34
Manly's Battery A Kink 33
22nd Virginia Company B Underdog 33
14th Louisiana Company A Wypoor 29
2nd Georgia Company G Whip Whittaker 28
5th South Carolina Company C Nigel Walsh 27
4th Texas Company G Twizzey 26
4th Texas Company D Orion 26
7th Virginia Company A Spud 26
4th Texas Company C Ville H. 26
1st North Carolina Sharpshooters A John. C. .Jones 25
South Carolina 2nd South Carolina Rifles Company C Nigel Walsh 24
Brockenbrough's Battery A George Gregory 23
4th Texas Company B William Montgomery 23
18th Georgia Company F Zombo 23
38th North Carolina Company F Paavi 22
8th Virginia Company H Jim J. Digby 21
Brook's Battery A Nigel Walsh 21
18th Georgia Company B Danial Copenhagen 21
50th Georgia Company A Samuel Klusmann 19
Braxton's Battery A Thomas Cromwell 19
1st North Carolina Sharpshooters B Quimby 19
1st Texas Company D Brian Hightower 19
5th Texas Company C Ekkx 19
Jeff Davis Legion G Blondie 18
1st Tennessee Company C Honor 18
South Carolina 2nd Palmetto Regiment Company A Gerry O'hara 18
3rd Arkansas Company A Ricky Wilson 17
Palmetto Sharpshooters F Jacob 17
5th Texas Company D Chili 17
6th Georgia Company B Melkor 17
Blackshear's Battery D Cheeto 16
4th Texas Company F scalexer 16
Lloyd's Battery C bryce horton 16
5th Texas Company A b0xyb0x 16
5th Texas Company H Ajax 16
Troup's Battery A manuel 16
7th Tennessee Company A J. Knight 16
Jeff Davis Legion C Maxim Von Degurschaff-Serebryakov 16
4th Virginia Company E Taylor 15
South Carolina 2nd South Carolina Rifles Company D Nigel Walsh 15
14th North Carolina Company A Alexander Golizin 15
Palmetto Sharpshooters E Gunner 14
Holcombe Legion C Sams 14
6th Georgia Company G GoonDawg 14
14th Tennessee Company G Martin McMahon 14
1st North Carolina Company K Dingaling 14
6th Georgia Company H Ej C 14
7th Tennessee Company E Daniel Carroll 13
18th Georgia Company C Thomas W. Bishop 13
3rd Alabama Company A Steve 13
12th South Carolina Company G Iulus 13
Poague's Battery A Taw Grey 13
20th Georgia Company C dark 13
24th North Carolina Company F Steven H. Johnson 12
6th South Carolina Company C Nigel Walsh 12
Pelham's Battery A [CG] Bradley 12
1st Virginia Company A Killian 12
Patterson's Battery B James Barkoukis 12
6th Georgia Company A Flash 12
15th Georgia Company A William Johnson 12
Hardaway's Battery A Tim 12
Hampton Legion Infantry C Orion 12
Jeff Davis Legion H Hans 12
5th Texas Company E M&M 12
Jeff Davis Legion B Octopus 12
2nd South Carolina Company A Gerry O'Hara 12
12th North Carolina Company A Thomas Rory 11
6th Alabama Company D Perkless Joe 11
6th Alabama Company C Les 11
6th Alabama Company E Lisitsa 11
1st South Carolina Company A Jack D 11
Cobb's Legion C Alex Deneubourg 11
15th Georgia Company D jason 11
15th Georgia Company F limebox 11
15th Georgia Company G robodog 11
15th Georgia Company H apey 11
15th Georgia Company I benning 11
7th Tennessee Company B AC/DC 11
Jeff Davis Legion A Whiskey 11
3rd Alabama Company D Jeffrey Williamson 11
1st Virginia Company K Jib Stuart 11
6th Virginia Company A Anthony Mueller 10
4th Virginia Company H Blinky 10
Bondurant's Battery A Phoenix 10
6th South Carolina Company B Nigel Walsh 10
21st Mississippi Company B corey eakes 10
Richmond Howitzers Company 1 Dick Anderson 10
Lane's Battery C Exorf 10
4th Texas Company E Sireen 10
15th Georgia Company B Penance 10
15th Georgia Company C Jolly 10
15th Georgia Company E monkey 10
15th Georgia Company K hawkins 10
Brockenbrough's Battery 3 Franklin Vadrano 10
5th Texas Company B Allen Ó Dálaigh 10
27th North Carolina Company A Tiger 10
3rd Alabama Company G George K. Whitmore 10
2nd South Carolina Company F Mcphearson 10
2nd South Carolina Company B Michael Reaper 10
2nd South Carolina Company C Michael Baker 10
2nd South Carolina Company D Son Goku 10
2nd South Carolina Company E Lloyd Drakes 10
2nd South Carolina Company G Warrior God 10
2nd South Carolina Company H Joe God 10
2nd South Carolina Company I King Vegeta 10
2nd South Carolina Company K King Voltron 10
38th North Carolina Company K C. Carson 9
5th Texas Company I Kapitan Kill 9
9th Georgia Cavalry A RaGnarox 9
1st Texas Company K jigsaw 7

Mustering Companies Owner Soldiers
1st Texas Company A John MacRaith 9
South Carolina Orr's Rifles Company H Lucas Avis 8
2nd Virginia Company A Gustave Schweiger 8
Palmetto Sharpshooters K Cloud 8
9th Louisiana Company B Joseph Allen 7
6th North Carolina Company A Gumby 7
Jeff Davis Legion D Nathaniel Starbuck 6
10th Alabama Company B killer 6
4th North Carolina Company A tspranger 6
18th Georgia Company E Tanner 5
Woolfolk's Battery A Arrow 5
5th North Carolina Company B DOUG 5
2nd Virginia Company I Benjamin Prentiss 5
Garden's Battery A Gerry O'Hara 5
10th Georgia Company A Chris 5
Washington Artillery Battery 1 Gustave von Steinwehr 5
15th Alabama Company E Flemmi 4
1st North Carolina Company F Scott Gilchrist 4
13th Alabama Company E Noah Rohan 4
6th South Carolina Company A Nigel Walsh 3
4th North Carolina Company C Meliodas 3
4th North Carolina Company B Johnny Reb 3
4th Texas Company H Tom Horton 3
44th Alabama Company A Maverick 3
9th Virginia Company K Thomas J. McKnight 2
9th Virginia Company A Cap 2
South Carolina 2nd Palmetto Regiment Company G Mr.Gman 2
D'Aquin's Battery A Texan 2
21st Virginia Company C Virgil Cain 2
10th Alabama Company A Killer 2
3rd Arkansas Company B Samir Hydia 2
5th Texas Company K Edward Jackson 2
10th Virginia Company A Misaka 2
9th Georgia Cavalry C Stand Watie 1
8th Virginia Company F Ryan Scott 1
8th Virginia Company G Ryan 1
Huger's Battery A Pappy Stroyeck 1
1st Tennessee Company I 1
14th Tennessee Company C Shaun. M. W 1
8th Florida Company B Jack Spade 1
9th Louisiana Company C Joseph Allen 1
1st Virginia Company I Fred Franklin 1
South Carolina Orr's Rifles Company K Mark challis 1
Garden's Battery A Squrlii 1
14th Tennessee Company D Nitteroni 1
5th Alabama Battalion Company D Gerald Davis 1
5th Alabama Company A Jack Osborn 1
2nd Florida Company A DasYeetMann 1
1st Tennessee Company E Prpl Hze 1
McIntosh's Battery A Arthur Lyon Fremantle 1
Boyce's Battery A R. Gregory 1
2nd North Carolina Company A Mcphearson 1
Coppens (First Louisiana Zouaves) Battalion B Henri Coppens 1
2nd Florida Company I Ian haselden 1
18th Georgia Company D Jeorgia 1
1st Texas Company A j 1
5th Alabama Battalion Company B Alex Watson 1
1st Virginia Company B Evan Fenwick 1
7th South Carolina Company D Caleb Chandler 1
4th Texas Company H John Smith 1
13th Alabama Company A Luke Hickory 1
47th Alabama Company I Charles Davies 1
Coppens (First Louisiana Zouaves) Battalion B Howard Zacharie 1
5th Texas Company F WOODROW CALL 1
10th Virginia Company A HydraSlayer247 1
Palmetto Sharpshooters G Blacksheep 1
South Carolina 2nd Palmetto Regiment Company B Augustus D. Hoke 1
21st Georgia Company D nitro89 1
47th Alabama Company C Joe Cane 1
3rd Alabama Company E George Whitmore 1
1st Virginia Battalion Company B Cody 1
21st Georgia Company K Christopher Oliver 1
7th North Carolina Company A Rovka 1
Boyce's Battery A Mathew 1