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War of Rights Header

Attention Soldiers!

We will soon be running out of Steam keys for the currently available Alpha version of War of Rights, available to Captain (69 USD) backers or higher. We initially got 10.000 Steam keys from Valve for the Alpha (Skirmishes Phase 1) version of War of Rights and will most likely be unable to recieve more keys until the game hits Steam Early Access.

If you pledge for (or have pledged for) Corporal (29 USD), Sergeant (35 USD), 2nd Lieutenant (44 USD) or 1st Lieutenant (53 USD), a Steam key will be reserved for you, causing the counter to go down by one. Steam keys for these reward tiers will be sent at a later date once Skirmishes Phase 2 and the Steam Early Access version has been made available.

Therefore, when we do run out of keys, it will no longer be possible to pledge for pledge tiers higher than Corporal.

We will make efforts in order to secure additional Steam keys once the keys in stock have been sold out. There are no guarantees that this will result in more available keys however as it comes down to Valve.

For those of you who have already pledged for Sergeant or higher, it will still be possible to raise your pledge to a higher tier.

If you want to take part in Skirmishes Phase 1 or Skirmishes Phase 2. You will need to make your pledge before the counter hits 0.

Steam Keys Left: 792