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War of Rights Header

Technical Alpha - Drill Camp - Is now available!

Get access right now! Raise your pledge to Captain by clicking the Manage Pledge button, or pledge for Captain.

Welcome everyone to the crowdfunding campaign for our production of War of Rights, the most historically accurate game about the American Civil War to date! We are Campfire Games, a studio born from the passion and inspiration of two developers from Denmark. Our love for the American Civil War lead us to a dream of creating a game where we could share their interest with the rest of the world in a fun, yet educational setting. After more than three years of hard work, astounding progress has been made, and a talented and equally passionate group has been brought together to bring this dream to the realm of reality. With War of Rights, we are focusing on creating a group-based game with real Napoleonic-era tactics combined with the deadly accuracy of the "newer" weapons available in the period of the Civil War. Uniforms, equipment, artillery, houses, fields, and the locales are all portrayed as faithful as possible to the period we're showcasing in the game.

Now, while making a game that is fun for those playing is certainly a humongous part of our effort, another significant part of our attention is to provide useful and accurate information about the American Civil War. As many educators struggle to teach children who do not find relevance in history, they often find a way via games and other interactive methods that engage their interests and attention.

This is not a pre-order of items. You are pledging to support the development of a game and therefore acknowledge that you're not paying for items but donating for the development of a video game and getting digital and/or physical items as a thank you.

The funds recieved are immediately being spent on the development of the game. It is also not possible to revoke Steam keys. Therefore it will not be possible to offer refunds of any kind.

The ingame rewards such as weapons and uniforms, will be made available to the appropriate backers as the game is developed. Physical rewards will be shipped on the full release of the game.

Stretch Goals

We have several rather interesting elements we want to add to War of Rights if we can manage to secure enough funds to develop them, such as an online drill camp area for your and your company to drill, discuss tactics or just goof around in.

Another stretch goal will allow us to expand the available uniforms in the game, adding more flair to the different regiments. We’d also love to heavily expand our indoor props in order to create more "true to life" period rooms in our structures.

More Foliage


If you want to see extra species of foliage in War of Rights, ranging from ground cover to trees, bring us to this stretch goal!

Single Player Battlefield Tour


If we get to this stretch goal we’ll be able to include a single player component to the game… a guided tour to War of Rights! You’ll get to learn a lot more about the various historic locations of the battlefields as well as the engagements that took place.

More Detailed Interiors


Once we get to this stretch goal we’ll be able to create more unique models for the interiors of buildings. Everything will look more lively and “lived in” as we include more period-accurate items to the interior of each building!

Drill Camp


Do you want a drill camp with lots of tents where you can train formations with your company, practice your shooting, or sit around the campfire with other members of the group? Then this stretch goal is for you!

More Unique Uniforms


If you help to get War of Rights here we’ll be able to work on more variations of the uniforms of the period and implement them into the game.

Expanded Single Player Battlefield Tours


Bringing us to this stretch goal will add a narrator to the guided tours to War of Rights. He will tell you about the various historic locations of the battlefields as well as the engagements that took place. Experience flashback sequences as the narrator expands on the events from the American Civil War and learn as much as possible from this interesting period in history in a unique way!