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War of Rights Header

The crowdfunding campaign has now ended and it is therefor no longer possible to raise pledges. You are still able to edit your pledge details as well as change your forum badge, which can be done by clicking the Manage Pledge button and follow the instructions.

Welcome everyone to the crowdfunding campaign for our production of War of Rights, the most historically accurate game about the American Civil War to date! We are Campfire Games, a studio born from the passion and inspiration of two developers from Denmark. Our love for the American Civil War lead us to a dream of creating a game where we could share their interest with the rest of the world in a fun, yet educational setting. After more than three years of hard work, astounding progress has been made, and a talented and equally passionate group has been brought together to bring this dream to the realm of reality. With War of Rights, we are focusing on creating a group-based game with real Napoleonic-era tactics combined with the deadly accuracy of the "newer" weapons available in the period of the Civil War. Uniforms, equipment, artillery, houses, fields, and the locales are all portrayed as faithful as possible to the period we're showcasing in the game.

Now, while making a game that is fun for those playing is certainly a humongous part of our effort, another significant part of our attention is to provide useful and accurate information about the American Civil War. As many educators struggle to teach children who do not find relevance in history, they often find a way via games and other interactive methods that engage their interests and attention.

With all the progress we’ve made with War of Rights, it is time to take things to the next level. And that is why we’re here. If we are to finish War of Rights, we must turn to the community who understands what we’re trying to do and why it is important. Sure, it is a video game, but we want it to be much more than that.

This is not a pre-order of items. You are pledging to support the development of a game and therefore acknowledge that you're not paying for items but donating for the development of a video game and getting digital and/or physical items as a thank you.

Stretch Goals

Your Rewards

  • When Released: Digital Copy of War of Rights

  • Private forum badge

  • Be added to the credits for War of Rights under "PRIVATE tier"

Between both sides, over three million men fought and died for their respective causes, the vast majority of which were the hard- slugging ranks of privates. No matter what branch, whether it was infantry, cavalry, or artillery, you could be sure that the privates were there hurrying up to wait. For your service and donation, you will be receiving a digital copy of the game on final release as well as a Private forum badge.

Price: $15

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Your Rewards

  • Everything above

  • Digital soundtrack

  • Musician forum badge

  • Be added to the credits for War of Rights under "MUSICIAN tier"

An October 1861 Survey revealed that there were 28,000 musicians in the Union Army alone, with more modern analysis believing there was a similar amount in the Confederate ranks. Being a musician meant you were a very integral part to the cohesion of a unit, as well as to its morale. Drummers needed to learn 39 different beats, and the buglers needed to learn at least 49 calls to appropriately fulfill their obligations. Many such positions were filled in by the younger teens not yet old enough to carry a rifle. Brass bands were also around and were important to keeping up the morale of their units with the many popular tunes available at the time. Donate for this rank if you think you are able to help support your fighting men, and in turn you will be receiving the Digital Soundtrack and musician's forum rank.

Price: $20

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Your Rewards

  • Everything above

  • Digital copy of The Making of War of Rights

  • Journalist forum badge

  • Be added to the credits for War of Rights under "JOURNALIST tier"

It was thanks to the industrial revolution that journalists of the Victorian era had access to things like photographs and the telegraph to get the news and images of war on the front quickly before the general populace within a few days of an event having happened. And while Matthew Brady put his name on the work of his subordinates, you also had many artists like Thomas Nast and Alfred Waud following the armies, sketching important daily scenes. Their work wasn't always appreciated though, as General William T. Sherman didn't appreciate their sending out articles detailing his plans before they had even left for battle, accusing them of being spies and attempting to hang one editor of the New York Herald! Donating at this rank will earn you the prestigious journalist forum rank, along with a digital copy of "The Making of War of Rights."

Price: $24

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Your Rewards

  • Everything above

  • When Available: Access to Early Access version on Steam

  • Corporal rank forum badge

  • Be added to the credits for War of Rights under "CORPORAL tier"

The Corporal was the first step from being a private into the esteemed Non-Commissioned Officers, or NCOs. The Corporal was designated with taking charge of about nine men, whom they would lead in duties either on the field or in camp. With this added responsibility comes the ability to participate in the open-Beta version available just prior to final release known as Phase III, and the Corporal forum rank.

Price: $29

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Sold Out!

Your Rewards

  • Everything above

  • #2 to 10 Signed and Numbered LE Physical Copy of War of Rights

  • Secretary of War forum badge

  • Be added to the credits for War of Rights under "SECRETARY OF WAR tier"

  • Playable commanders Jackson & Hooker

  • Physical kepi or forage hat

This position was created as a deterrent from any sort of single officer’s control over the entire nation’s military by having a civilian leader. During the Civil War, the best known Secretaries of War were the imposing Edwin Stanton for the US and the grim James Seddon for the CS, the two right hand men on military matters for their respective presidents. With this tier, you get the ability to deploy yourself onto the battle field as the iconic corps commanders Joseph Hooker and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, along with your own physical kepi or forage hat from the incredible shop of Dirty Billy’s Hats, renowned for their quality millenary!

Price: $1321

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International shipping included!