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War of Rights Header


Q: What is War of Rights?

A: War of Rights is a large-scale online authentic civil war first person experience featuring massive battles, a chain of command system, regiments and an extraordinary historical attention to detail.

Q: The civil war had a massive front line. What can we expect to experience in War of Rights?

A: At this current moment in development, we are creating four maps: Harper’s Ferry, South Mountain, Antietam and Shepherdstown. They are to represent our first campaign, the Maryland campaign of 1862. We are planning to add additional campaigns at a later stage.

How can I rent my own server for War of Rights?

You can rent your own server at: G-Portal

Q: What game engine will War of Rights be running on?

A: War of Rights runs on Crytek’s powerful CRYENGINE.

Q: Which gaming systems will be able to run War of Rights?

A: We are exclusively developing War of Rights for the Windows PC platform at this point.

Q: Will there be AI soldiers in War of Rights

A: At this stage in development, we have no plans of adding AI soldiers to War of Rights.

Q: What are the hardware requirements to be able to run War of Rights?

A: We are too early in the development process to estimate specific hardware requirements at this stage. But the current version of CRYENGINE requires a DirectX 11 or higher capabable graphics card and due to engine limitiations, Intel Graphics Accelerators are not officially supported.

Q: I heard War of Rights would feature massive online battles. How many players will be able to play on a single server?

A: We cannot give an exact number at this point, but the end goal is to have large player numbers on the servers.

Q: How can I support War of Rights the most?

A: Spread the word! We have a relatively small community at this point – we would love to expand that. You can join the community at our forum here: As stated above, War of Rights is currently without any other form of funding than the goodwill of the community. If you would like to support us with money, you can back the game here: KICKSTARTER.

Q: Where can I keep up to date on the development news of War of Rights?

A: You can follow us on Twitter here:
You can also like us on facebook here:
And subscribe to us on youtube at

Q: I found a bug! How can I notify the devs about it?

A: You can either make a post about it on our forum:
Or you can report the issue through our Error Reporter here on our website:

When I pledge for War of Rights on the crowdfunding campaign, do I get the rank I pledged for, on the Company Tool?

No you do not. The Company Tool and our crowdfunding campaign are two entirely seperate things. The only way to get promoted on the Company Tool is to have you company commander promote you, or start your own company

Which email will my steam key be sent to?

If you pledged on Kickstarter, by default the email of your Kickstarter account will be used. If you submitted the Kickstarter survey to us, then we will use the specified reward email instead. If you pledge through PayPal, then the email of your PayPal account is the one the Steam key will be sent to.

Can I change the email and or address associated with my pledge for War of Rights?

Yes you can: HERE