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Field report 36: A Weekly Show & A Musicians Call!

5/7 - 2017

Hello and welcome to the Thirty-Sixth Field Report!

More than a month since the release of our Skirmishes phase, we’d first like to thank everyone for your continued support. It’s been amazing for us seeing the community at its finest during the sometimes intense battles in Skirmishes. Since the release of Skirmishes, we have released 8 patches with numerous bug & visual fixes as well as released two additional skirmish areas. We will continue to work on stability, balance & additional content throughout the alpha phase (more about the sixth one in this field report!).

Today, we’re here to tell you about the upcoming “George’s Corner”, showcasing our cinematic spectating camera and, for the first time, formally announce the inclusion of musicians in War of Rights as a playable class as well as send out an invitation to the real world ones!

Let’s get started!

George's Corner

We’re pleased to announce a new, weekly show called George’s Corner, which will be recorded on the alpha servers of War of Rights and hosted by Campfire Games Historical Advisor, GeorgeCrecy!

The show will be centered around skirmish matches on the WoR NA 1 Skirmishes server with general social talks as well as tactics discussions on the WoR NA 5 & 6 Union/CSA Drill Camp servers before and after the match. Your host, George, will be using the currently work in progress cinematic spectator camera during the battles to give you the best possible coverage of the action, sprinkled with historical facts, game development talks, and general interesting Civil War tales during the lull of the fighting!

Below is a video of a community event recorded using the spectator camera. If you wish to partake in similar events please visit our Events Page

As this is very much a new show, the show won’t be livestreamed at the very start. It will instead be uploaded momentarily after its recording to our youtube channel: War of Rights Youtube Channel

The show is going to be recorded every Friday starting the 14th of this month at 3PM EDT / 8PM BST / 9PM CET. We invite everyone with alpha access to jump in and have a chat with George on the drill camp servers & show your superior fighting skills on the skirmish servers!

We’re excited to see where this might go in the future. We hope to be able to bring youtubers as well as community members on as co-hosts at some point should the show do well.

Introducing Musicians

Being one of the most requested playable classes the past 5 years, we’re now glad to be able to formally announce the inclusion of musicians in War of Rights. The primary job of the musician was to relay orders to the troops in the form of signal calls during the war - this will be their main task in War of Rights as well. That is not to say you won’t be able to play a well known minstrel tune or the like while relaxing at the drill camp however!

Work on musicians has only recently started and thus we don’t have a whole lot of content to show you yet other than the images showcasing the appearances of some of them. The main reason we have chosen to go out and publically announce them now, is because we’re looking to establish connections with musicians able to do recordings for us. We want to do the musicians right and make sure we have the best possible quality recordings of all the needed signals and tunes. In order to achieve this, we plan on sending out our sound designer, Tom to record experienced musicians playing the: fife, snare drum & bugle.

We therefore ask you all to please help us by referring us to musicians possibly willing to work with us to ensure the recordings included in the game are of utmost authenticity!

Below is an initial list of signals and tunes we’d like to record. More may very well be added.


  • The Assembly

  • Forward March

  • Halt

  • The Charge

  • Commence Firing

  • Cease Fire

  • Fix Bayonets

  • Unfix Bayonets

  • Taps (or instead Tattoo)


  • The Assembly

  • Forward

  • Halt

  • The Charge

  • Commence Firing

  • Cease Firing

  • Troop

  • Tattoo


  • The Assembly

  • Forward

  • Halt

  • The Charge

  • Commence Firing

  • Cease Firing

  • Troop

  • Three Cheers

  • Tattoo


(To be played mostly by fifes and drums, with possibility for bugle accompaniment.)

  • Yankee Doodle

  • Peas Upon a Trencher

  • New Tatter Jack

  • The Downfall of Paris

  • Minstrel Boy

  • Old 1812

  • When Johnny Comes Marching Home

  • Hell on the Wabash

  • Dixie

  • Frog in the Well

Tom is located in the UK so naturally UK based musicians is preferred. Should that not be doable, we are ready to fly him out to a location to record (preferably all three instrument recordings in the same general area).

If you think you might know just the right person (or people!) for the job, don’t hesitate to write us at:

Sixth skirmish area: Hagerstown Turnpike

The next skirmish area up for release is the continuation of the 5th skirmish area to be released, Union General Hooker’s push down through the cornfield in the morning hours of September, 17th, starting the Battle of Antietam/Sharpsburg. Upon leaving Miller’s Cornfield, the Union regiments 2nd United States Sharpshooters, and the 6th & 2nd Wisconsin attacked the Confederates (Starke & Taliaferro Brigades, of Jackson’s Division) consisting of Louisiana & Virginia regiments, who were defending the Hagerstown Turnpike, a road running next to the cornfield. Its fenced in sides and the road itself functioned as a clear line between Jackson’s forces located in the West Woods and Hooker’s just south of the cornfield.

The Hagerstown Turnpike skirmish area is an open battle area, fit for line battles. It’s a small area compared to some of our bigger areas and thus should ensure carnage and action from the start of the match until the end. The skirmish area will also mark the last time the Union is to be on the offensive for a while - we look forward to be seeing how well our Union players are at defending in the next skirmish areas to be released!

Community created videos spotlight

The final thing we’d like to highlight in this field report is some of the great content creators of our community. It is always a joy to see new community created content uploaded of War of Rights. We’d like to thank everyone of you who’s been helping us spreading the word of the alpha!

Below are some of the great alpha videos released this past month. We look forward to be seeing more in the future!