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Field report 31: Company tool released!

28/09 - 2016

Hello and welcome to our thirty-first field report!

Company tool released!

Today, we're bringing you a company focused field report since we've just released the very first iteration of our company tool.

The tool is being released with a 9 day testing period where we invite the community to try as many different features as possible and report any issues they might have. All data will be wiped one final time once the testing period has ended (a countdown timer to this is being shown in the company tool).

The company tool can be found at: or simply by clicking on the new company tool menu bar located on our website.

What are companies?

Before we get to the new tool, let's talk a bit about what companies actually are and what they mean for War of Rights: Companies are the player created groups that are so important for any multiplayer game in order for the community to thrive and overall teamwork to be enhanced. In other games these groups are often known as either clans or guilds. We've chosen the name company due to the unique regimental structure and authenticity our community is trying to replicate in their groups.

One regiment consists of several companies. Using companies instead of whole regiments as our player group structure allows for several groups (companies) based around some of the more well known regiments while still having a unique unit name to pride themselves with.

Until now, the only place for company activities has been on our forum: where great recruitment threads have been made as well as internal company affairs have been managed. Now, we're giving the companies one more tool in their arsenal in order to make management, reservation, role playing, etc. quite a bit easier. Below is an introduction video to the company tool. You can also read on for a detailed overview of the many new features the company tool brings to the player group aspect of War of Rights.

Coompany Tool Features

Choose the company you want to create from the Maryland Campaign or join one of the already created companies.

Promote the soldiers under your command, assign them various roles such as, drummer, cook, or courier. Organize your company by sending telegrams to either the staff or the entire company. Link your company page with your forum thread or teamSpeak server.

You can also see the Company Records in the bottom which will display all the events that have happened in the company like new soldiers enlisted into the company, promotions, demotions, desertions, role changes

In order to claim the rights to the company name. You need to have 10 members in your company. When that happens, the company will disappear from the Create Company page. The staff of the other companies with the same name and letter as yours, will also be presented with the page below where they have to decide if they want to change their company letter, that is, if there's any available, or if they want to just disband their company.

If the company that was claimed should fall below 5 members, due to desertions or discharges. The company will become unclaimed and the company will again appear on the Create Company page for other soldiers to form.

We also have a large selection of avatars to choose from.

We've also created a new sub-forum focused on the company tool. Here you can leave feedback and ideas for possible updates in the future. The sub-forum can be found at: That's all for now. We hope you'll enjoy the company tool throughout the lifespan of War of Rights and we promise it will be expanded even more as the development continues.

Until next time, have a good one!